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What no one tells about, Happiness?

I recently read a book called Happy for No Reason book by Marci Shimoff. One of the must-read book on happiness.   This post is my interpretation and understanding of the concepts.   One of the most difficult question to ask any person is - What is Happiness? Everyone can answer this but no two answers will match as everyone's view of happiness is different.   According to the author's research, in terms of happiness, people fall in one of the categories - Category 1 - Unhappy People in this category, irrespective of how good their life is, they would be depressed. You would have noticed many people in this category. Example - They would have got a new job which they longed for but they would be depressed as they didn't get the pay as expected. These people spend their days in depression and never even realize that they are not happy. Category 2 - Happy for Bad Reasons Some of us associate happiness with destructive habits like Smoking, exce

This 4 letter word had killed millions of Dreams, don't let yours!!

Do you know how many people have lost their dreams due to this four letter word, FEAR ?  There are many stories where we hear about a person, who chased a dream, acted on a dream, faced challenges and achieved the dream finally. This is the standard template for most of the movies too.  There are many other unheard stories too - A person had a dream, he/she was planning to make it happen but he also had fear. He tried to overcome fear however the fear eventually took over and they gave up on the dreams.   This world only talks about success stories, we have so many lessons from the failure stories too. Out of fear, many had given up on the dreams, many wouldn't have acted on their dreams and many just believed, they don't have a special skill to do. Just imagine, if we had courage in those moments, wouldn't our life be different?  I'm not talking like, Oh yeah, the fear has stopped us in starting billion dollar enterprise or achieving big things in life.

Secret to save more money!!

These tips will increase your wallet size, trust me I have put forth some exercises, tried personally and it worked.  A true story,  A few days ago, in a coffee shop, I was with a friend,  who is working in a bank as a senior executive for more than 10 years.  I was in a casual discussion with him & our conversation came to the topic of money.  He openly admitted that he didn't save any money until now though he has an SUV car and living a good lifestyle. I wasn't surprised as I often hear stories like that but, what was shocking to me is, he didn't know where his money is going. He didn't even realize why he couldn't save and his credit card debt has piled up in spite of being in a decent income bracket.  A few weeks back, one of my friends, asked me on the same topic - "I don't know where my money goes after my salary gets credited. I wish to save but after all my expenses I have nothing to save. Can you suggest how can I save

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