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This 4 letter word had killed millions of Dreams, don't let yours!!

Do you know how many people have lost their dreams due to this four letter word, FEAR

There are many stories where we hear about a person, who chased a dream, acted on a dream, faced challenges and achieved the dream finally. This is the standard template for most of the movies too. 

There are many other unheard stories too - A person had a dream, he/she was planning to make it happen but he also had fear. He tried to overcome fear however the fear eventually took over and they gave up on the dreams. 
This world only talks about success stories, we have so many lessons from the failure stories too.
Out of fear, many had given up on the dreams, many wouldn't have acted on their dreams and many just believed, they don't have a special skill to do. Just imagine, if we had courage in those moments, wouldn't our life be different? 

I'm not talking like, Oh yeah, the fear has stopped us in starting billion dollar enterprise or achieving big things in life. In fact, the fear is affecting our daily lives in every small decision that we take, if we had courage - 

To apologize for our mistake. 
To express our love
To chase our dream in spite of odds
To tell a person if he or she is doing a mistake
To ask for a better salary or promotion
To say NO to our friends when you tried drugs or any destructive habit

What is fear and where it comes from?
You can hear your own little voice, saying this often-
I don't want to try that, I might fail. 
I don't want to do that, am too old for it. 
I don't want to do that now, it's too late. 
I don't want to do that, an introvert. 
I don't think I can do this as am not good looking. 
This is not my cup of tea, I can't do this?

Do you think, Facebook is a unique idea? No, already there were many social networking sites that time and some were already successful. How come college grads believed in themselves? Don't you think, they were fearless? 

Can I tell you one top secret about FEAR? 
Everybody feels the same fear, not just you or me, only people who take action in spite of the fear makes it in the magazine cover. 
Every one of us gets million dollar ideas, the difference is people who act fearlessly makes an impact. 

If you ever think - "I will act once all my fear fades away”, trust me, it might take 799 years. It’s never going to happen. 

Let's dig where this fear comes from, 
When we set out to try anything new, our little voice within us, which is our own subconscious mind talks to us - 

"it's time, let's stick to the old routine.. Give up on your dream. Let's be practical" 
"You can't become a millionaire, first pay your dues of your credit card" 
"Honey, don't enroll for the gym. You can’t go, we have better things to do "
"Boss, don't think about starting a business. What if you fail and you will become a failure in life" 
"Friend, your relationship sucks, But you don't have any other option. Your fate is like that. Let’s give it the same way. That's better."
"Not today, let's do it tomorrow" (most dangerous)

These chanting from the little voices have killed millions and billions of dreams of the people who believed those voices. Some of us, think that the little voice is from God or it’s our gut feeling blah blah. 
That little voice is nothing but subconscious mind, programmed by our own experiences. Until we reprogram it to succeed, it will affect our lives. 

What is fear, it is just foreseeing something which may or may not happen. 
Nothing wrong in foreseeing the risk, in fact, the primary objective of the subconscious mind is to protect us. The problem is that while the fear exists to keep us safe, it can keep us too safe. It’s why we have to own our fears, lest they own us. 

The first thing that we should understand is All Fears are in our mind
Think about it, how many fears have ever come true. 
Research shows 80% of our worries or fears never happen. 

As Mark Twain said, I have faced millions of problems some of which it actually happened. 
Isn't it true?

We know many people talking about wonderful ideas but when you speak to them for action. They say plenty of excuses for not taking action. To sum it up, they are seeing fears as real which is sabotaging them from the action. 

Let's accept, everyone faces fear at some point in life, we are not good in everything. 
When you try trekking for the first step and when you weigh more than 300 pounds, you will obviously have terrified fear. Let's not deny it. 

How do we overcome fear?
I read on the book, “The magic of thinking big” by David Schwartz, Action cures fear. I'm interpreting that as massive action when taken consistently cures Fear. 

When you are planning for the trek, practice walking before in hand, you will see when you become confident, fear starts fading away. Keep practicing, practicing, the more you become confident, you will see your fear is gone. 
The important take away is, as Susan Jeffers rightly says “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.
First time during public speaking, everyone stutters and some doesn't even speak a word. But when you do it more often and when you keep taking action in spite of fear you will see yourself to success. 

Whenever you face fear, just think - what could be the worst thing that can happen if this situation turned out to be real. 
That's it, if you think, you can handle it, take action immediately. Don't keep thinking worst case scenario, again and again, that's also one of our problems. 

Let's do a simple exercise, this will trigger many of our dreams. 
Imagine yourself as Fearless Super HeroYou don't know what Fear is. You believe you can do anything in life.

Take a list of what are all the things that you wanted to do in life which you have put in shelf due to some fear. For God's sake, don't let fear stop you in making this list. If you have done with the list, Good job, pat yourself on the back.

Now, can you identify what is one thing that is very important from the list and if done will change your life big time. Can you take some action today for that item? Next 30 days, can you focus to spend some time and take action on that item? 
Keep doing that every day consistently and can see yourself achieving all your dreams. 
Remember friend, when we become fearless we become limitless. 
Let's become fearless, limitless and achieve all our dreams. 

It's one life, let's live BIG!! 

“I am powerful and I am loving and I have nothing to fear.”

“I rise above my fear and focus on all I have to give to the world.”

With Love, 


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