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Take the ultimate step in your life, what's your Financial Freedom Number!!

Article #3 6 Minutes Read!  Read it repeatedly, this single article will give you complete insights on money management and how to achieve it. I'm VJ and welcome you to this wonderful millionaire journey!! A Quick Recap on Financial Freedom -  Definition of Financial Freedom - Ability to live your life with your passive income or cash flow that you earn from your  assets (Investments and income from real estate, for example). At this point, you no longer need to do anything for money. You are officially becoming MASTER to MONEY!!  Money says everyday to you - "How May I help You, Master?" Benefits of Financial Freedom Freedom and Flexibility - Y ou get to decide how you work, who you work with, and how long you work for; you’re not at the mercy of employers and employment contracts. Early Retirement - You can still go to work if you want to but you have option of retiring early. Follow your Heart - You can pursue your passion which you were post
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Book Review - 5 dysfunctions of a team - Patrick Lencioni

  Have you noticed, some teams which look excellent on paper, doesn't shine at all whereas some teams which looks ordinary outshines and create extraordinary results? This is not only applicable to sports team but to any team. What could be the reason for this? Well, Patrick Lencioni, in his book "5 dysfunctions of a team" talks about the reasons of dysfunctions and how to overcome it. Each dysfunction has a direct impact on a teams performance and hampers overall productivity. Good news is that, as a manager or a leader, we can overcome all these dysfunctions. 5 dysfunctions are - 1. Lack of trust 2. Fear of conflict 3. Lack of commitment 4. Avoidance of accountability 5. Inattention to results. Teams that lack trust - 1. Focus only on weakness of each other 2. Don't ask for help or a piece of advice 3. Hate meetings and avoid spending time together Teams that fear conflict - 1. Hesitate to voice opinions and concerns 2. Engage in backchannel communication and politi

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Words we speak shape our life, not only the words that we speak to others but our self-talks as well. Anything positive, celebrate, and make your experience deeper. Anything negative, try to come out of it quick, don't share this to too many people. 

How to stop worrying about debt?

If you are driving a car, fell asleep and when you woke up, you see you are going to hit the wall, what will be your immediate action to avoid hitting the wall? There was one period in my life, where my debts were piling up and were constantly worried about debt and how I was going to repay it? Yes, I slept for a few years in my life and when I woke up, I realized in a few meters, I'm going to hit the wall. Realized, in order to avoid hitting the wall, you need to change the focus. Instead of seeing the wall, if you see the direction where you want to go, your car automatically changes direction. (Experienced drivers agree to this) That was an aha moment, I did this, instead of focussing on debts, started creating a new savings plan. I started a new SIP with Rs 1000, increased the amount every few months and when I constantly started to focus on savings, my debt started to come down. This may sound a simple philosophy but a powerful one. What you focus on will grow. Focus on saving

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