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How to stop worrying about debt?

If you are driving a car, fell asleep and when you woke up, you see you are going to hit the wall, what will be your immediate action to avoid hitting the wall? There was one period in my life, where my debts were piling up and were constantly worried about debt and how I was going to repay it? Yes, I slept for a few years in my life and when I woke up, I realized in a few meters, I'm going to hit the wall. Realized, in order to avoid hitting the wall, you need to change the focus. Instead of seeing the wall, if you see the direction where you want to go, your car automatically changes direction. (Experienced drivers agree to this) That was an aha moment, I did this, instead of focussing on debts, started creating a new savings plan. I started a new SIP with Rs 1000, increased the amount every few months and when I constantly started to focus on savings, my debt started to come down. This may sound a simple philosophy but a powerful one. What you focus on will grow. Focus on saving

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