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Prosperity Consciousness & Power of Words!!

Every one of us, someday or other, might have observed kids. What are the traits that they possess which most of us (adults) doesn't? I will say that kids are by default in prosperity consciousness. Agree? Let's have a quick test - When you see a person who shows you his or her $15000 watch, what do you think immediately? Honestly, an average people would be thinking like this -  1. What, are you nuts to waste money like this? 2. Oh My God!! I can never afford such things 3. OMG, this is my 3 months paycheck? 4. He must be doing something illegal, that's why he has so much money to waste. 5. I can never think about such things. Now, a prosperity consciousness person or kids, how do they react? - "Good, fantastic, one day, I will also buy like that." Imagine, to have that thought, do we have to spend money? Every thought that we think, will create energy and have chances of manifestation. Then, why to have poverty thought

Automatic Programs - Identify, Reprogram and Change your life!!

Do you know every one of us to have automatic programs? Do you know these automatic programs are the reasons for our current results? What kind of automatic programs - have you seen people who are always late? They will have some kind of excuse or reasons all the time. I know a friend who always comes late to play. He will say different reasons and never in his life he had come on time. Even if he diligently tries, he will find some kind of trouble and get late. I believe it may be because of an automatic program called - ImAlwaysLate His subconscious is programmed for such a program and it automatically runs when someone says timelines - " Tomorrow be there at 8 AM ", the program starts and makes sure he gets late. Some people will fall sick twice a year and they will say that confidently. No wonder they will fall sick. Its a program called iAlwaysFallSick Similar kind of programs, average people have - IAlwaysGetDitchedbyPeople WhyIstheWorldDoingThisToMe L

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