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A letter to younger self!!

Dear young VJ, I know you wouldn't follow any of the advice as you are always stubborn and do whatever you have always wish to do - This world is trying to wrongly program you - Get good marks, get a good job, make more money, become successful and then be happy. It's actually true in reverse -  Be happy, feel yourself successful, you will make more money, get a good career that you truly love, marks don't matter. You will face lot of fear when you are trying something new, you will face millions of problems only in your thoughts, actually only very few will become your reality. One thing that I would suggest is feel the fear and do it anyway.  You will get hurt many times by some people in your life, its natural and part of the learning process. Those tough situations will mold you to become a person that you are. One thing that you can do is forget those instances, forgive those people, not for their sake but for your sake. Forgiveness is like air, you need it to s

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