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Multiple streams of income

Do you make enough money in your job?
Do you like to add multiple streams of income?

You are going to read about how to make an additional income of Rs 50000 using your unproductive time.
Kindly go through the entire article with an open mind. Don't prejudge without reading this article.
One of the most misunderstood income opportunities especially in India is Direct Selling or Network marketing opportunity.

As soon as you hear about network marketing, your mind might say -
"oh, it's catching and recruiting people"
"You have to run behind your friends"
"You have to tell lies and recruit people"
"Your friends will stop talking to you"
"You have to stock up lot of products and do hard selling"

What if I say, all those are false beliefs based on your past experiences.
What if I can show, that you can make an additional Rs 50000 per month on your genuine part-time efforts in network marketing?

Are you up for it?
Let me explain what it is and how you can do it yourself. 
About Network Marketing -
Network Marketing or Direct Selling is selling products or services using word of mouth or referral marketing.
Referral marketing or word of mouth marketing is not something new and every business uses it or needs it. The only difference is, here the referrer also gets some benefit.

Example -
When you find a hotel really good, we would definitely talk about it and refer our known people to try that hotel. Are we getting paid for increasing their revenue? NO

In network marketing, you will use a product, and only if you like it and get excited about, you will refer a few people to try the products.
Assume if they use it and if you are referrer, you will get paid.
You will get paid for the products that you personally sell and also get paid for the products that is sold by your team.
The most exciting part in network marketing is the income becomes residual in nature when the team that you recruited also starts referring to the products thereby increasing the product sales.
Note that, you don't get any money by simply recruiting people. People get paid for referring to the products and turnover.

Example -
You do sales of Rs 10000 worth of products, you get paid an incentive.
Now you recruit 10 people and each does Rs 10000 sales, now your team does Rs 100000 sales and each of you gets paid.

Cons of network marketing - Not all that glitters is gold.
Few businesses that say, we are network marketing business may not be genuine.
When a person says, you don't have to work much, you will get easily paid. Be cautious, it's not true.
Don't get lured to make money fast or quick.
Genuine network marketing companies will have good quality products and require some work to do be done.

How network marketers are really making money?

Not many are making millions. Only people who are doing sales every month and helping their team to do sales are making money. 
If you think selling is not good, we are selling ourselves in an interview.
Selling ourselves to a girl or man to get married.
Selling is part of our life and selling is the highest paid profession in the world.
Selling genuine products is not bad, network marketing requires selling of their products. Every network marketers make money out of product sales only.
Teaching people how to sell just like the way you do, helps you to make more money.
When you help more and more people to make more sales, then you make more and more money.

How you can do it too?
Gameplan for Rs 50000 per month.
You are doing Rs 20000 sales and helping 6 teams to do Rs 60000 sales. (3 reps doing 20000 each) Your total team turnover is Rs 400000+

How long does it take?
It depends on your learning and doing ability.

How much should I invest upfront?
No upfront costs, registration of genuine network marketing is always free of cost.
You would have to invest money in buying products, no minimum target or something. You can buy products in your own interest.

Is success guaranteed?
No, not at all. It depends on your willingness to commit, willingness to learn, and willingness to work.
If you commit to this business for 1 year, you will learn sales, prospecting, leadership, management, and negotiation skills which will help not only in this business but also in your entire life.

If you are interested, the next steps are
1. Contact the person who sent you this and fix up a zoom call or in-person appointment.
2. If everything goes well, get registered which is free of cost however make a commitment that you are going to do constant and never-ending learning and implement for the next 2 years.
3. Spend 1 to 2 hours per day and if you commit the process, in a matter of a few months, you can achieve your desired income.

Some closing thoughts -
1. I'm not good at selling.
2. I don't want my friends to tease me
3. I think I don't have time
4. What if this business is not working for me?

I'm not good at selling, Will this work for me? 
No one is born with selling skills, based on your urge, you can learn any skill at any point of your life.
All the other reasons are just excuses. You will not lose your friends if you don't try to force them to join your team. Everyone has their own time and interests, you don't have to force them. Just because you are a doctor, you can't expect all your friends and relatives to choose the doctor's profession. This applies to network marketing too.

Contact - for further details


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