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Oh! What If I fail?

Article #8 - 4 Minutes Read - Are you willing to fail? We all want to be successful in life. Isn’t it? But how many of us are willing to fail? You might be thinking - "What? How the willingness to fail is related to success?" Isn’t success and failure the opposites? At least that’s what we were taught in school. Truth is, we completely mistook about the concept of failure. I’m VJ and Welcome to this wonderful journey. Failing or failure is never wrong. However, we are programmed in such a way right from our childhood that we should never fail in anything. We are not allowed to fail in school, not allowed to lose in games. We see in reality shows in television, kids or even grown up adults are crying on their elimination even though they know, millions of people are watching it. Do you know, why? We are afraid to fail and we don’t want to fail. We never want to fail and this results in fear of failure. Due to which we never try something new

Habits of Millionaires we need to adopt!!

Article - #7 - 8 minutes read Disclaimer- If you really want to become a millionaire, start applying whatever that you learn from this post. This will have the biggest impact on your life if you follow the habits that, we discuss here for 30 days. One of the simplest methods of becoming a millionaire is to copy them, but what are the most important and simplest things to copy? We need to emulate their character and I read somewhere characters are the sum total of the daily habits. Got it, we need to copy the habits of millionaires and that’s the simplest route. I’m VJ and welcome to this wonderful journey. If you were told that if you develop the below action points as your habits, a huge treasure is waiting for you. Would you do it sincerely? I can hear a big YES, let’s start – There are many success habits that millionaires do and some of them are – 1.     Doing meditation every day 2.     Doing exercise every day 3.     Affirmations 4.     Visualizin

Quick & Important Tips to grow your Freedom Fund Account

Have you started your freedom fund account? Do you want it to grow fast? I can hear you say YES, that's great. Thank You In case if you are wondering what am I talking about, you must read this post . Welcome to this wonderful journey. Freedom Fund Account is our golden goose and it should be not be taken during any circumstance. Hope you guys aware of it. Why? As this is going to give us the freedom that we want in life. Okay, now let’s look at how to grow it fast - 1. Contribute to the FFA every day: Have a Jar at your home, Label it as FFA and you can contribute to it every day or you can do that by maintaining a separate bank account. This habit’s going to tell to your subconscious mind that, contributing to FFA is important for you and you are very serious about it. Your mind will start to do magic; it will generate many ideas to increase your FFA. 2. Choose the right Investment Strategy: See the below example, #5 different person using a different str

An Idea to become a Millionaire!!

Article #5 - (6 Minutes read) All achievement begins with an idea. We all know,  a burning desire in your thoughts is the starting point of all achievement.  If thoughts are so important -  why can't we just replicate how rich people think? Isn't it simple? Or is it really possible? "Yes", if we follow the thinking pattern of wealthy people, we will not only get rich, but fabulously wealthy. I'm VJ, welcome you to this wonderful journey! Have you found out your NETWORTH & FREEDOM number? If not yet, read this article and find your number -  Article 3 Let's assume your number is $1,000,000 per year !! Do you have any idea how to achieve that number? Some of you might be thinking -  How will I earn and save so much money from my current job? Don't ever think - "Maybe I can skip spending $3 per day on Latte or Cappuccino and save that money and hope to make a fortune out of it." Of course, you need

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