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Habits of Millionaires we need to adopt!!

Article - #7 - 8 minutes read

Disclaimer- If you really want to become a millionaire, start applying whatever that you learn from this post. This will have the biggest impact on your life if you follow the habits that, we discuss here for 30 days.

One of the simplest methods of becoming a millionaire is to copy them, but what are the most important and simplest things to copy?
We need to emulate their character and I read somewhere characters are the sum total of the daily habits.
Got it, we need to copy the habits of millionaires and that’s the simplest route.
I’m VJ and welcome to this wonderful journey.

If you were told that if you develop the below action points as your habits, a huge treasure is waiting for you. Would you do it sincerely?
I can hear a big YES, let’s start –

There are many success habits that millionaires do and some of them are –
1.    Doing meditation every day
2.    Doing exercise every day
3.    Affirmations
4.    Visualizing their dreams
5.    Writing Gratitude
6.    Writing journal
7.    Writing dreams and goals every day
8.    Reading positive books or self-growth books every day

Doing all the above will definitely help us in many ways, but what're the most important items, where to start and how to do it?

I’m going to tell you a secret which if you follow, you will start having instant results -
What you do, the last 45 minutes before going to sleep and the first 45 minutes after you wake up, is impacting your life. Let’s call this “Me Time” for easier reference. 
This "Me Time" is the best time to program your subconscious mind for success and this is what millionaires are effectively doing it knowingly or unknowingly.

Yes, I’m serious, if you just fix that area of your life, you will have miraculous results.
Ask yourself, what you are doing right now in those crucial time?
I can recollect when I was dead broke, the last thing that I think before sleep is – "How to pay the debts" and the first thing that I think is same. I wasn’t paying debts instead was accumulating more and more.
I used to wonder, why this is happening to me. I was searching for a magic pill to come out of the problems in life. But the real problem is I was programming myself in a negative way and attracting debt into my life. If you are going through a similar situation, no worries, you can change it starting today.

What happens during the “Me Time”? -
We all know the power of thoughts and the power of subconscious mind. When we are sleeping, our subconscious mind is very active and it works for us non-stop.
Whatever you think before you fall asleep, it will work on those thoughts. 
Let's test this, today, just before sleeping, you think about walking in a forest, lush green atmosphere, near mountains, and flowers. Imagine this as vividly as possible.
As soon as you wake up, the first thoughts that come to your mind will be the same things that you visualized before sleep and for a few minutes, same thoughts will come to your mind repeatedly.
Whatever we plant in your subconscious mind and nourish it with repetition and emotion, it will one day become a reality.

As our subconscious mind is active in the morning, we have to repeat these habits both in the morning and evening.
I will list you, what are all the things you shouldn’t do during your “Me Time”-
1.    Don’t watch anything negative in mobiles, news or televisions. Better to avoid the mobiles and televisions during that time at least.
2.    No arguments and no negative thoughts like guilt, worry, fear or anger.
3.    Don’t complain or condemn or criticize yourself or others.
4.    Don’t waste this precious time in entertainment.
5.    Never think about your problems.
6. Hanging out or speaking with naysayers or people who pull you down.

Do you know what wealthy people do as soon as they wake up in the morning?
      Gratitude – They will say affirmations expressing their gratitude first thing in the morning like – “Thank you for another exciting day on life. Love this exciting day and looking forward to it.” You can say gratitude for whatever that you have in life. Expressing gratitude is so important for success in life. The vibration, when you are feeling gratitude is so good, it will attract miracles to your life. 
       Key Action - Every day write at least 5 things that you are grateful for.
      Writing your dreams and goals. Many millionaires said in their interviews, they will write down their top 5 dreams or goals every day. Isn’t it simple? It helps them to focus on what they want and doing first thing and the last thing in a day keeps them motivated. This habit is very crucial, you can literally achieve anything you want in life if you keep writing it down every day.
       Key Action - Write down your top 5 dreams or goals. Also, 3 things that you are going to do today for your dreams.
      Reading self-growth books- Warren Buffet, world’s top billionaire in an interview said that, the one habit which helped him big time is, he used to go to the library and spend maximum time there, reading biographies and self-growth books. Reading expands your mind, feeding something positive every day will have a compound effect on your results and your life would become WOW. Do you need more explanation for this?
Jim Rohn, America’s greatest philosopher says – “It isn’t what the book costs. It’s what it will cost you if you don’t read it.”
     Key Action - Read biographies or self-help books at least 15 minutes every day.
      Meditation and Creative Visualization – Meditations increases self-awareness and once it becomes a habitual practice, it will help you to understand yourself and becoming the best you. Many millionaires do meditation or they at least do visualization of their dreams. They will feel and vividly imagine themselves achieving their dream every day and doing this in “Me Time” is more effective. The important element here is the emotion and feeling that you have while visualizing your dreams.
       Key Action - Visualise or meditate upon each of your dreams, vividly imagine how you would feel if you achieve that. The more details with which you imagine, more sooner you are making it a reality.
      Self Affirmations - This is the simplest way to program your subconscious mind. 
      If you repeat every day - "Something amazing and wonderful thing is going to happen today in my life ", you are activating the law of expectation and the things that you attract in life will be amazing. As you say your affirmations daily, you will see your life transforming more positive ways. While repeating the affirmations, emotionalize and have a feeling attached to each affirmation for the wonderful results.
      Key Action - Prepare your own beautiful and meaningful affirmations that will uplift your life and repeat this every morning in front of the mirror for better results. Repeating this, by seeing yourself in the mirror is an amazing experience.

Successful habits are the foundation of well-lived life. Start these habits today.
First, you make your habits, then your habits make YOU!!

This blog was in my mind 5 years before, I wasn’t taking action, after that practice of 30 days, I have started a blog, writing my first book and working on preparing an online course. All these things, along with a full-time job and an e-commerce business.        
      Loving every minute of this journey.

Wish you the best too & excited for all our journeys.

With love, 

You can comment me what other habits of successful people you know about and admire? Would love to learn!!


srividya said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
srividya said…
Love it. And thank you!
Unknown said…
Your blogs are enlightening. Though the content are known to me, the way you are putting things make me to think again. Thank you VJ. I really love to read all your blogs and looking for this book release at your earliest. Britto
VJ said…
Thank you Sir, Your words are always encouraging and all my contents or whatever I do is just a reflection of your mentorship. Very nice to read your comments!!

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