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Quick & Important Tips to grow your Freedom Fund Account

Have you started your freedom fund account?
Do you want it to grow fast?

I can hear you say YES, that's great. Thank You
In case if you are wondering what am I talking about, you must read this post.

Welcome to this wonderful journey.

Freedom Fund Account is our golden goose and it should be not be taken during any circumstance. Hope you guys aware of it. Why? As this is going to give us the freedom that we want in life. Okay, now let’s look at how to grow it fast -

1. Contribute to the FFA every day:
Have a Jar at your home, Label it as FFA and you can contribute to it every day or you can do that by maintaining a separate bank account.
This habit’s going to tell to your subconscious mind that, contributing to FFA is important for you and you are very serious about it. Your mind will start to do magic; it will generate many ideas to increase your FFA.

2. Choose the right Investment Strategy:
See the below example, #5 different person using a different strategy to save and invest the money but see the actual difference.
Who is a millionaire in the below example?

I can hear you say ‘E’, you are right. The key lesson here is saving is not only important, investing in the right instruments is very critical for us to become a millionaire.

3. Invest in yourself and unlearn few things : 
In the above example, you understood that investing in stocks, real estate and MFs are crucial for the success.
That day, when I was speaking to a friend, he was saying – “I’m not planning to start investing in stock market, it’s too risky; right now, I don’t have so much time to learn also. Maybe in the future, I will consider this.”
I know many people who are believing that the stock market is risky and we might lose even the capital. This is such a false program to hold on, folks.
It’s a myth, stock marketing is risky if you don’t know the rules of the game. Considering the long term, the stock market is not risky at all. I’m not going to discuss detail about stock market here but let me say one example to show how much we are missing the benefits of the stock market.
We can invest in the stock market for the companies that we know very well or to say in other words, for the companies, we are loyal customers.
Example – There is an automobile company in Indian Stock Market – Eicher Motors which sell premium bullets/ motorbikes. Their motorbikes cost is INR 100,000 (approx.)
Their motorbikes are in high demand and people buy like crazy. I have a dream of buying too.
Let’s consider, if they have invested the same INR 100,000 in Eicher Motors exactly 5 years back, their investment worth is INR 4,45, 800 as that company returns last 5 years is 445.8%.

Can you imagine, how wealthy people make money? This requires just a skill to learn the stock market and any skill is learnable.
An important point to remember – Don’t expect quick money in stock market, if you are investing, stay invested for at least 10 years.

4. One Income is 100 years old formula:
Key to growing your FFA is Multiple Sources of Income.
Remember, you have very minimal chances of becoming a millionaire, working for somebody else.

If you have a Job, that's good, be grateful and sincere to it but look ways of building part-time businesses.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to work for 100 hours a week, science says we can't do it. Invest your unproductive time and identify your passion, build some businesses out of it. This is the information world, you can find if you really search for it.
Read this post where I discussed various passive income strategies.

I know -
When you read those ideas, your mind might be chanting - “What if I fail in this?”
“This will not work for you. I might end up as a failure. My friends might tease you.”

Remember, failure is not opposed to success. It's is prerequisite for success. Our schools taught us wrong.
You can't become successful without a failure, in fact, you have to go through failure to become successful.

If you fail, you are in the right direction, be grateful, learn the lesson and make it right.

5. Your brain is forgetting machine:
Our brains are a machine which has a bug – It will forget very soon.
One day, you will take a strong decision to be fit, you will enroll for annual membership in Gym.
One week, you will go and after a week, you will start going weekly once for the sake of the annual membership, then after a month, you will forget that you enrolled for the gym.
Can you relate to this?
You need to remind your brain on a daily basis on your decisions, otherwise, it will forget.
You need to program every day. If you wish to grow your FFA, repeat affirmations that will help you on the process.
Repeat this affirmation every day as often as possible. This I got it from Bob Proctor -
I'm happy and grateful as money comes to me in multiple sources in increasing quantity on a continuous basis.

I will say one true story and end this post -
In our MMI class, they showed an inspiring story of a girl who started FFA with just 10 cents. She was facing financial turmoil and decided to follow Jar system with just $1.
She divided that 10% to FFA, it's just 10 cents.
Can you imagine she started her FFA with just 10 cents, however, she decided to increase it every day.
Exactly a year later, she was contributing $10000 to FFA. Now she is a multi-millionaire.
Isn’t it great?
Why not we start today? Let’s contribute to it daily basis & lets become a millionaire. 

Wish you the best, you deserve it, my friend.

With Love,



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