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What no one tells about, Happiness?

I recently read a book called Happy for No Reason book by Marci Shimoff. One of the must-read book on happiness. This post is my interpretation and understanding of the concepts. 

One of the most difficult question to ask any person is - What is Happiness? Everyone can answer this but no two answers will match as everyone's view of happiness is different. 
According to the author's research, in terms of happiness, people fall in one of the categories -

Category 1 - Unhappy
People in this category, irrespective of how good their life is, they would be depressed. You would have noticed many people in this category. Example - They would have got a new job which they longed for but they would be depressed as they didn't get the pay as expected. These people spend their days in depression and never even realize that they are not happy.

Category 2 - Happy for Bad Reasons
Some of us associate happiness with destructive habits like Smoking, excessive alcohol, Drugs or other harmful habits. This is a dangerous category to be in. These people chase happiness from unhealthy addictions and in the long term, they lose everything in life.

Category 3 - Happy for Good Reasons
Few of us associate happiness with the goals that they achieve, example - if I become successful in life, if I become a millionaire by this year, I will be happy. If I reduce that excess weight, I will be happy. 
Nothing wrong in setting goals and achieving it, these people get satisfaction from healthy experiences however these temporary experiences soon fades away.

As Deepak Chopra points out - 
If we associate happiness with any external things, remember those things can be taken away. 
Category 4 - Happy for No Reason
People who are happy for No Reason. To them, happiness is an adverb, they really don't need any reason to be happy. If they are alive, they are happy. Even small things in life make them very happy. 
Example - Some people be happy all the time, they look calm, composed and excited about their life. We don't have to be necessarily millionaires to be in this state. Kids also fall in this category. My kid, whenever he sees me, returning to home, will jump and feel happy as if an Olympian winning a gold medal.

Which category, you want to be In?
I always wish to be category 4, reason, our real goal in every goal is mostly happiness. But we keep searching happiness outside and we forget it already within and you can be instantly happy. 

Do you know, the benefits of being happy? -
Research says that - Happy people live longer, smile more, enjoy deeper relationships, achieve dreams quicker, get things done faster, become successful and be really healthy. 

The science behind happiness:
Our body will generate four molecules in the brain and these molecules play a crucial role in our happiness -
Dopamine - Molecule that is associated with novelty seeking, promotes goal-driven behavior, makes to seek to do new things, seeks exciting and new experiences. This makes it associated with addiction. The effect of dopamine is only for a few seconds. It's not stable or long-lasting and a dopamine release will keep wanting more and more.
Serotonin - Serotonin flows when you feel significant or important. Loneliness or depression is present when this is absent. Much more of subtle feeling, one way of distinguishing between dopamine and serotonin is, dopamine gives you a short bit of excitement whereas serotonin gives you a longer lasting sense of contentment. It lasts for a few days to weeks.
Oxytocin - The release of oxytocin creates intimacy, trusts and strengthens relationships. Changes the way, genes are operating, this gives you a much longer sense of contentment. Oxytocin is the glue that binds healthy relationships. The simple way of flowing oxytocin is giving someone a hug. Giving someone as a gift also raises oxytocin levels.  This lasts from months to years. 
Endorphins - This chemical is released in response to pain and stress and helps to alleviate anxiety. Exercise and Laugher are the easiest ways to release this endorphin.
Aromatherapies, dark chocolates and spicy foods also help to release endorphins.
Aah, now you would have understood why you keep doing a few things for happiness. 
Read this article for better insights of these molecules - click here

According to Marci, everyone has happiness setpoint in our lives. Just like thermostat we will be happy only based on our setpoint. The only thing that we can do is to increase the setpoint through some habits. 

Few Happiness habits that we can follow to increase happiness in our lives-
1. Being grateful for what we have - Put your attention on what you appreciate to expand the energy of your heart.
2. Make peace with yourself - Lighten your load by accepting the past and moving forward.
3. Focus on solutions - To become more empowered, build on what's already working to improve any situation in your life.
4. Incline your mind toward joy - Lean into the thoughts that support your happiness.
5. Nourishing our body with optimal nutrition and supplementation.
6. Invite connection with your Higher power - Find silence through prayer, meditation or time in nature to experience your relationship to your higher power.

There are many other happiness habits mentioned in the book, go through and start living with the right habits.
There is no way for happiness and happiness is the way.
Let me share one exercise from the book that you do right now -

Daily Happiness Awards-
1. Throughout the day, look around you with an eye to giving out awards.
2. Be creative, For example, as you look at flowers, notice the one that could get the "Most Unusual Color" award or find one that's had the hardest struggle to survive, but made it, and give it the "Best Blossom of the Day" award. Look for extraordinary smiles, efficient service, or ingenious solutions to everyday challenges. There's no limit to the type or number of awards you can give in a day.
3. Invite other family members or friends to play this award game, and at the end of the day, tell each other the awards you've given out.

You can have more happiness in your life right now. Today, you don't have to fall in love, wait for the new home, make a million dollars..Happiness is just moments away.

Thank You, Marci, for the wonderful book.
With Love, 
Book link - 
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