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Short Life Lessons - Volume 1

Simple insights from a Master to a student with a pearl of deep wisdom!!

Student - Master, I have a question. I get angry, frustrated and highly irritated on a few people on my life. Their actions bother me and I get so mad at them. They are causing bad feelings in me, how to change them?

Master - hmm, interesting question, can I ask you something? What do you get when you squeeze orange fruit?

Student - Very simple, we get orange Juice?

Master - Hmm, what if YOU squeeze it?

Student - Same, orange juice.

Master - what if the person who is bothering you squeeze it?

Student - same orange juice. What question is this master, whoever squeezes orange, we will get only orange juice?

Master - why, only orange juice? Why not mango juice or apple juice?

Student - not sure, what happened to you? Orange fruit only has orange and we get only what's inside.

Master - hmm, you have got the answer to your question. What's inside of you comes out. When you are not happy what's coming from inside, where you should work? When you say that somebody angers you or frustrates you, the problem is not with that person.
When you have anger, frustration or negative beliefs within you, it comes out and so you have to work on yourself not that person or that situation.

Student - Simple & amazing insights, master. But, aren't humans getting angry and frustration is normal, only monks will be able to live like that. Isn't it?

Master - Getting angry is normal, I agree. However, these thoughts of anger, resentment, and hatred represent slow, debilitating energies that will disempower you if you continue to hold on to it.

Do you want to be a victim or victor?

Student - Of course, wish to be a victor

Master - Victim story is - "Look at what life did to me and I will never recover" and Victor story is "Look at what life did to me and look how well I coped with it"
Remember, what you seek is also seeking you, only you are not allowing it due to your deep down negative beliefs and emotions.


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