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Top Secrets to a new Life!!

Quick Read - 3 Mins 

We wake up every day same time, our same fingers snooze the alarm, we wake up with same feeling and emotions, get ready to work, eat some food (mostly same ones), go to work, same kind of traffic, meet the same people, go to lunch with some people, do the same work and leave home with energy exhausted. Now, watch our Netflix shows or TV shows, eat dinner and sleep. In between the whole day, we would check Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram feed just 100 times. Repeat the same pattern again every day. 

Are we really living or sleepwalking through life? Truth is most of us are not living our lives, our unconscious mind takes control as we do the same things every day repeatedly.

Change your life

We live the same life every day - Same thoughts, same feelings, same emotions. However, we secretly expect our life to change.

Earl Nightingale says - We become what we think about most of the time. It's very true, are we really thinking anything?

An average person has 60000 thoughts per day but 90-95% of our thoughts are repeated, yes you read it right, the thoughts that you had today is no different than yesterday. If we really believe about the power of thoughts and how thoughts become reality, don't we have to work on it to change the patterns and stop sleepwalking and really start living life?

How to stop this and start living? - 

1. Just pause and take a break!! Yes, in your thoughts by doing meditation. Meditation is not about sitting for few hours chanting some mantras, it can be done as simple as 5 minutes, taking deep breaths, relaxing and slowing down your thoughts. It can be done wherever you are.
2. Have a vision bigger than your current reality. Most of us don't know, what do we want in life? 
Identify what do you really want and visualize yourself in that reality. Our minds will be in creative mode when you have a higher vision and get into learning mode. Just a quick test - Ask yourself - "How can I become a better leader?", "How can I increase my income?"
Take a pen and paper, write down all the thoughts that come to your mind,  you will be amazed just by asking simple questions, our mind started being creative.
3. Once you have decided your higher vision in life, decide the person you wanted to become and learn new things every day. When we try to learn, our neural wires expand and we change our patterns. 
4. Stop living in the past and live the present moment by moment. Some of us keep repeating the same thoughts repeatedly for years together now, recollecting the same moments. This is not helping us in any way, forget the past and forgive yourself. Just say goodbye to limiting thoughts and say hi to empowering thoughts. Become a new personality and create your new reality.

To change your life - Do meditation and declutter your mind, keep your brain in creative mode as much as possible, have a higher vision, invest in yourself, keep learning something new, forgive and forget the past and become the new person that you wanted to become.

Wish you the greater success!!

With Love,


vijay said…
Hi empowering thoughts!!!

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