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Automatic Programs - Identify, Reprogram and Change your life!!

Do you know every one of us to have automatic programs?
Do you know these automatic programs are the reasons for our current results?

What kind of automatic programs - have you seen people who are always late? They will have some kind of excuse or reasons all the time. I know a friend who always comes late to play. He will say different reasons and never in his life he had come on time. Even if he diligently tries, he will find some kind of trouble and get late.

I believe it may be because of an automatic program called - ImAlwaysLate
His subconscious is programmed for such a program and it automatically runs when someone says timelines - "Tomorrow be there at 8 AM", the program starts and makes sure he gets late.

Some people will fall sick twice a year and they will say that confidently. No wonder they will fall sick. Its a program called iAlwaysFallSick

Similar kind of programs, average people have -

These programs are our core beliefs. These get engraved in our thoughts. You might argue but I'm not thinking to be late and yes that's why I called that as automatic. You don't have to think about it but you will draw it because it has formed as your beliefs.

How these Auto Programs gets created-
We begin to form these programs right from birth. We are shaped by our childhood experiences. Example - You might have got low grades in maths maybe 2 or 3 times, however, your friends might start to tease you - Boy, you are weak in maths. Your parents and teachers also think you are little weak in maths and they discuss that in front of you. As an extreme step, - you will be sent to private tuition only for maths. Now, your environment is slowly programming you this - ImWeakInMaths.

In reality, we are not weak in anything, every child is born with the same wisdom, the environment and people around us creates some of the programs in our life and that has the great impact in our life.

I have a piece of good news here and it is these auto programs can be reprogrammed.

Steps -
1. Write down what are the automatic programs that you currently have.
2. Identify what are the toxic programs that are affecting your life.
3. Now, write affirmations based on the programs and read it every day.
4. Similarly, write down what are all the auto programs you need on life. Follow similar steps and read affirmations every day.

I believe Wealthy people might have some of the following automatic programs-

Sample Affirmations for those -
I love money
I'm a money magnet
Making money is very simple
I'm an excellent money manager
I love life and whatever I do in life I become prosperous
Life loves me and every person I meet in life helps me in some ways.

You can get rid of the old programs, you just need to consistently visualize yourself on what you want to become and affirm until it becomes an auto program. If you ask me how long does it take, the answer is simple - "Life changes when we change".

Hope you enjoyed this post.

With love


Unknown said…
Excellent article and used right words. Really this is a game changer, in link with book I read Think and grow rich. I am able to connect it .
Thanks for sharing it at the right time.
Ravindar Singh. B
S A Britto said…
Excellent one... Thank You VJ

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