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Love yourself unconditionally - 7 steps to change your life!!

Article - #9
Reading time - 7 minutes

We are going to discuss one of the important steps in our journey!!
"When your self-worth goes up, your Net Worth goes up - Mark Victor Hansen"
I'm VJ and welcome to the wonderful journey!!

This post is very special to me. I believe if everyone is taught this one thing, we can completely prevent suicides in the world. This is the first important thing that every parent should teach their kids. Here we go!!

Have you ever loved someone? Who do you love most in your life?
When you read those questions, how many of you started thinking about another person?
This is where the actual problem is. 
Yes, the first person that we should love is OURSELVES!

When we can’t love ourselves, how can we love others?

You might be thinking - What? But how does it help to become a millionaire?

Loving yourself is such a simplest and foremost important thing to do. This improves your self-esteem and your income is directly proportional to your self-image. Whatever the income that we earn now is the reflection of our self-esteem.

Have you noticed kids; they never complain about their color, size, tummy, hair or parents. They just accept how they are and always be happy. They are happy for no reason. Even small things in life make them happier.

We, adults, are adulterated in our thoughts, we complain the God's best creation (talking about you only), whenever we see a mirror, we utter ourselves-
"I don't have six packs”
“The nose is not sharper”
“I’m not looking good”
“I’m overweight”
“I’m dark”

Not only on our appearance, but we also have self-limiting thoughts like
"I'm not good enough”
“I don't deserve this”
“The world is not treating me good”
“I'm not good in studies”
“I’m not good in talking to people" and the list goes on.

Loving yourself is the prescription to achieve massive success, following are the simple steps to start loving ourselves.

1.   Stop comparing yourself with others. Every one of us is different & unique. Don’t sabotage yourself by somebody’s result. Look up to others without bringing you down. (People who pose smiling pics in Facebook or Instagram are not necessarily happy, Trust me, really happy people don’t bother about posting on Facebook.)
2.  Loving yourself is not a selfish act. Take care of your body, mind, and soul. Do something that you like most. Treat yourself monthly once. One of the most important Jar is PLAY Jar. If you are not sure about PLAY Jar, read this. Self-care can be practiced through exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet.
3.     Positive Affirmation – What you talk to yourself determines your self-worth?
Have you ever said to yourself looking your eyes in the mirror? – 
 "I Love you and I really love you"
Action - Pause reading this article, rush to a nearby mirror or open your selfie camera, see your eyeballs (many will be seeing for the first time) and say the following affirmations – 
"I love you and I really mean it. You are the most beautiful person and the best person in the world. You deserve the best in life and you really deserve to be a millionaire".
4.   Forget and Forgive - You might have done some mistakes in your life, just forget and forgive, after all, you are a beautiful and unique creation by god!! (Is it getting little spiritual? bear with me). Follow these three things – Never complain about yourself, Accept responsibility and don’t blame anyone for whatever happened in your life and don’t worry about your past. I like this quote which I read long back – “You can’t drive a car for long watching your rear view mirror this is what we are actually doing in our lives.”
5.     Fall in love with yourself every day. No one will ever make you a complete person except yourself. Embrace who you are. Let’s start loving ourselves unconditionally. This is contagious and others can catch it.
6.     Challenge yourself with great purpose of life. Push your limits and get out of the comfort zone and achieve whatever possible. This gives a sense of accomplishment and writes down every day small wins before going to bed and this makes you happier.
7.     The point of power is always the present moment, practice the mindfulness. We can notice a new disease in this world. Nowadays, people wherever they go, whatever they do, they are more addicted to record and post photo or videos in FB or Instagram. They are forgetting the present moment and thinking about the false life of getting somebody’s likes or approval.

"If you want to change the fruits, you need to change the roots. - Harv Eker"
We are trying to change the fruits without working on roots, that's why we lack results!! If you still don’t find any reason to love yourself, remember you don’t need any reason to love yourself. Just do it, fall in love with the person, we don’t have a choice, we have to live with this person only for the rest of our lives. J

I went to a seminar a few months back and the speaker took an INR 2000 note, asked the audience, "Who wants this". The crowd cheered and everyone raised their arms for the note.

He then did a strange thing -
He then crumbled, crushed and stamped his shoes on the note and asked again -
"Who wants this now?"

No way, the crowd cheered even more, "Yes, I want it" was the sound we could hear of.

Then the speaker said something interesting - "This money has the same worth even after crumbling, crushing and stamping on it. Similarly, you may find limitations in you and life may be hard at you but don’t worry, your worth always remains the same. Remember, you are the best and you deserve the best in life".

Do you agree, if everyone loves themselves, no one ever would commit suicides? Teach your kids to love themselves first than anything else. Before that, let’s start loving ourselves.

With Love,


Unknown said…
Good one. Vijay.
I missed to appreciate this article. Really it's a lovable appreciation to look in the mirror and say I Love myself.
Thanks once again for this.
Ravindar Singh

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