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Instruction Manual on LIFE that we missed to read!!

Article - #4 - 12 Minutes Read

Do you really want to be a MILLIONAIRE?
Do you really want to make it happen quicker?

I can hear you say 'YES', Great,
Can I tell you one top secret, to become a millionaire, 90% efforts are required in the inner world and only 10% in the outside world? Yes or Yes?

I’m VJ, welcome you to this wonderful journey.

Let me tell you a story - 

Jay, a young software engineer is struggling in life. He works in a decent company and works long hours in the office. He thinks that he does not get the appreciation, or work credit or promotion at the right time for the job he does (not my story folks, I have got promotion recently).

The problem continues - As he does not spend quality time with his family, his soul mate relationship also in tantrums. His bank balance is always not more than the minimum balance and his credit card balance amount is almost null. Adding to the above, he thinks that, he is not leading a happy and peaceful life and thinks nothing good will happen in his life (how many of you can relate to this?).

On every Friday evening, he drinks his favorite alcohol brand thinking that it will help him to forget his financial problems and start to blame others for all the misery in his life. He scolds his boss, wife, colleagues, friends, parents, in-laws and finally, he yells at God, Yes, you heard it right. He blames the god for all his problems and shouts, why he had written such a bad fate to him. This is his routine weekend activity.

One such Friday evening, after he gets drunk, a man in a black dress appeared out of nowhere, who looks familiar to him and introduced himself as his favorite God!!

(Fast forwarding, after a brief introduction, Jay is now convinced that person is his favorite God)
Let’s watch this conversation between them now:

Jay - "Hey God, Glad to meet you, can I ask you something?"

"Sure", God says.

"Even if I buy a mobile, the company gives 20 pages instruction manual on how to use it, which has its features, operations that I should perform and shouldn't do, but you have given a product called LIFE, but there is no user guide to live a peaceful and happiest
life in this financial world. Could you help me to understand this life and escape out of this financial issue I face in my life?"

God smiles, looking at his eyes firmly and started explaining,
“You got a blessing to be born as a HUMAN being with six senses to live in this wonderful world,
Dear child, let me explain, how the world operates here, “This entire world is full of magnetic vibrations, and everything is energy here. You are also an energy, you have an inbuilt magnetic power and can attract anything you want in Life!!"

God continues - "Yes if you want to live a better life, you should think about the way you want to live and believe that you get it. What you think, you can accomplish if you simply put your mind to it. Start believing in yourself and your world will change for the better, faster than you ever dreamed possible."

Jay with tears rolling out of his eyes, asked, "Oh God, that's my problem, I don't know how to change my belief, help me out, can you explain better?"

God with so much calmness utters -
"You are equipped with the most powerful creation of me - "BRAIN", only humans can think, dream and smile. Your thoughts are so powerful, every thought that you think operates this world.
Humans have two minds - Conscious mind and Subconscious mind. 
Conscious mind acts as the gatekeeper and your subconscious mind follows instructions.
However, your subconscious mind is the master and all your habits, attitudes and memories get stored here and this is the one which does every work and everything that you should learn is how to program your subconscious mind to get whatever you want in life.

Be careful with your subconscious mind, because it doesn’t distinguish what is good for you and what is bad for you. It will just work based on your repeated thoughts or beliefs that you create.
If you keep repeatedly holding a thought, be very cautious as your subconscious mind have already started working on it.

If you think all the time – “I don’t deserve this, I am not worthy”, and your subconscious mind will execute and prove you right."

Jay's face becomes brighten now and screams out of joy - "Now I get it, I keep thinking about my lack in my life and I'm getting only that. Am I right?

God says - "You are the being behind it all, able to choose what you want, able to direct it all."

Jay asked- "God, is that right that my future was pre-written, so-called fate? I was believing all these days that my life is already decided?"

God says - "That's the Thought of you human beings again, which has to be avoided, Jay, Don’t believe when someone says that your future is already written or fate, these are toxic thoughts and you need to understand that I (God) cannot be partial to the fellow beings, I have created humans with unique talents in every one of you and I want you to figure out on your own, what to use and when to use?”
You can change your dominating thoughts anytime, and the repeated thoughts create your habits and belief. Once you start believing, this creates your reality.

Remember you have the capacity to choose, Choose life! Choose love! Choose health! Choose abundance!"

Jay asked - "But my inner voice keeps on saying - Don't do this, you can't do it, you won't make it? Should I not listen to my intuition or inner voice?"

God says -"Master the Inner Voice, Jay!
You have an inner voice which is only your subconscious mind & works based on your current programs, don’t believe it all the time. Its main purpose is to protect you in comfort zone. Hence, if you try something new or try to go outside of your comfort zone, the inner voice starts chanting and tries to stop you. 

Remember childyou are the master of the inner voice and don’t ever become a slave to it."

Jay asks with some clarity - 
"God, can you tell me, how to be happy in life?"
God laughed heartily and said - 
"You can be happy no matter what. Yes, you can be happy right Now.
With a decision to be happy.
You don't need more money (though it would be nice.)
You don't need to be thinner (though you may like it)
You don't need anything to be happy.

You can simply say - "I am going to be happy right now"
This is the trick few know because they didn't have the owner's manual for their life.
Smile, Be happy!"

Jay is delighted - 
"God, can I ask you one final question, Is wanting for more money in life is bad? Is wanting more success in life is unnecessary?

God agrees as this is the final question - 

"A seed, dropped into the ground, springs into activity and in the act of living produces a hundred more seeds; life, by living, multiples itself. It is forever becoming more; it must do so if it continues to be at all;

I truly desire you to become wealthy. That which makes you want more money is the same as that which makes the plant grow, it is life, seeking fuller expression.

You have come here to enjoy the life, you can make the most of yourself only by getting rich; so, it is right and praiseworthy that you should give your first and best thought to the work of acquiring wealth.

You must get rid of the thought of competition.
You are to create not to compete for what is already created.

Your purpose of life is Joy and Freedom, enjoy every minute of your life and I want to remember this forever – “Life is only once and there is no second chance”.
Love you and start living your best life!!"

You just finished reading your life's instruction manual, give yourself a big pat on your shoulders.
Congratulations and thank you for reading it fully.

Let us 
grow together.

With Love,
(Excited for our journey)

Disclaimer - this is just my imagination and you don’t have to believe everything that I say, this is just my learning and understanding about life.

Some of the above lines are an excerpt from "The Power of Subconscious mind" by Joseph Murphy, "The Science of Getting Rich" Wallace D Wattles and "Life's Missing Instruction Manual" from Joe Vitale.

Highly recommend these books! Buy it in Amazon & Read in Kindle!!
Will attach those links shortly.


srividya said…
I think i should read it again and again to master the inputs u ve given. Thanks Vj

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