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First step towards financial freedom!!

Hello Friends,

This is my first blog article, feeling excited J
My objective for starting this blog is to share whatever that I learn in my journey.
Let me introduce myself – I’m an ordinary person with extraordinary dreams, currently pursuing a  job in a software firm and own a e-commerce business. I have a dream of becoming a millionaire and my mission statement is to help 10 million people to become millionaires.
 As Zig Ziglar says – “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

More than the results, I enjoy the journey and believe my millionaire journey has begun.

This blog will capture all those special moments, would like to share everything that I learn, mistakes that I do, books that I read and the people that I meet. I would need greater support and love from all of the readers.

Let’s get ready for this wonderful journey of a millionaire!!
Let me start with this thought process –
What you will achieve if you become a millionaire?
My standard of becoming a millionaire is earning more than a Million Euros/ Dollars per year as passive income.

Lets imagine if you become a millionaire and achieve your financial independence, what will be your life be like –
  • First things First – Time Freedom - You will have the freedom to live your life on your own. Means, if you don’t like to do a job, you don't have to do just for the salary. Imagine, No Monday Mornings, No Boss, No Leaves, No Alarms. Every day will be Sunday, not like you will be sleeping all day. You can spend quality time with yourself & do whatever you wished to do all these days. Example – I wished to take classes for Guitar, Dance, Martial arts all my life. Never ever I took a first step, two reasons held me– Time & Money.
  • Money Freedom – You will never take decisions based on the amount of money you have, If you wanted to do something, you can do. I wished to gift my parents and in-laws, a world trip or at least a foreign trip. They deserve that for all of their sacrifices. I will do that once I achieve my freedom, what about you?! (Sounding sentimental is it?J).
  • Lifestyle - Imagine your lifestyle when you achieve your financial freedom - I love cars, my dream car is Mercedes Benz S Class. Whenever I say that as dream car, people tease me – You can just afford to buy posters of the car. Not for others, the feeling that I would have when I own that car will be amazing. Nothing to prove here, just to my soul that if you decide something you will get it. 
  • Travel - I wish to travel all over the world, at least I desire to visit top 100 beautiful countries in the world. If you are a person like me, why not. 
  • Personal Goals - Self fulfilling prophecy - I wish to write books, become a speaker, inspire millions of people to take action and get whatever they desire.
  • Caring - How many times we wanted to help, but couldn't really - Wish to donate for a real cause, to help students who couldn’t afford education.
Some people might comment – Life is short, money is the root of all evil, you don’t need all these, Just realize yourself and be happy. 
"Never Let anyone to steal your dreams - Dexter Yager"

I learned in my life from the great leaders– 

"All our life we are all slaves to money, working for it. Average person spends 40% of his life in Jobs they don't like just for money and spends all the time thinking about lack of money.Why not become wealthy and be a MASTER TO MONEY instead of being a slave?"

Real truth is money is not evil, money is important, money is freedom and it gives comfort and luxury to live your life. It’s just a tool and it all depends on who uses it. 

"A knife is also tool, you can chop a vegetable or use it for violence. No fault with knife but the user. Accept it and move on."

Remember, there are lot of limiting beliefs that society had imposed on money. We are going to break all those things in our upcoming articles. Keep visiting this blog for exciting contents!

Two action points:
Write down in a book -

  • Decide what is the exact amount you want in your life for your freedom?
  • What will you do once you get your freedom?

  • "If you know your WHY, you can go through any HOW?"
    Trust me, not even 20% of people in the world have done this first step. 
    Let this be your first step towards your financial freedom.

    Wishing you great success,

    Excited for our journey!!


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